Eco friendly charming apartments

  • From US$ 91,590
Bavaro, Higüey, La Altagracia, República Dominicana
  • Apartment
  • Kind of property
  • 1 , 2
  • Bedrooms
  • 1.5
  • Bathrooms
  • 1
  • Parking
  • From 52
  • 2024
  • Year of construction
Featured In Development
Eco friendly charming apartments
Bavaro, Higüey, La Altagracia, República Dominicana
  • From US$ 91,590


An eco-friendly apartment is a living space that has been designed and equipped to minimize its impact on the environment. There are several ways to make an apartment more eco-friendly, including:

  1. Energy-efficient lighting: Installing LED or CFL lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs can significantly reduce energy consumption.
  2. Use of renewable energy: Installing solar panels or using wind turbines can generate clean energy for the apartment.
  3. Efficient heating and cooling systems: Installing a programmable thermostat and sealing any air leaks can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  4. Water conservation: Installing low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets can significantly reduce water usage.
  5. Use of eco-friendly materials: Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in construction and furnishing can reduce environmental impact.
  6. Recycling and waste management: Setting up a recycling system and composting can reduce waste and help with sustainability efforts.
  7. Use of green transportation: Encouraging residents to use bikes, public transportation, or carpooling can reduce carbon emissions.

By implementing these measures, an eco-friendly apartment can help reduce energy and resource consumption, promote sustainability, and ultimately contribute to a healthier environment.


Updated on February 15, 2023 at 4:34 pm
  • Property ID: ID24001
  • Precio: From US$ 91,590
  • Tamaño de la Propiedas: From 52 m²
  • Bedrooms: 1 , 2
  • Habitaciones: 1 , 2
  • Bathrooms: 1.5
  • Parking: 1
  • Year of construction: 2024
  • Kind of property: Apartment
  • Property Status: In Development

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