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Larimar · City & Resort

Experience an extraordinary and unparalleled destination. Witness the most ground-breaking and audacious property vision in Punta Cana: a self-contained city offering all amenities within your reach.

We present a harmonious blend of cutting-edge, Eco-friendly structures, and spacious green spaces designed in sync with nature, inviting you to revel in the open air and the delightful climate.

Apartments Starting at USD 94.000

Larimar is located in the heart of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Why invest in Punta Cana?

Investing in Punta Cana’s Real Estate market presents opportunities for profitability. The demand for luxury properties, the popularity of vacation rentals, and the steady demand for long-term rentals contribute to the market’s potential. Ongoing infrastructure development and a focus on sustainable practices further enhance the investment prospects.

Economic and Political Stability: Assessing the overall economic and political stability of the Dominican Republic is essential for any investment. Stable economic conditions, investor-friendly policies, and a favorable business environment can contribute to the profitability of investments in Punta Cana.

Monitoring the real estate market trends in Punta Cana is crucial to determine potential returns on investment. Factors such as property appreciation rates, demand for specific types of properties (e.g., luxury villas, condominiums), and supply levels should be considered. Engaging with our real estate professionals can provide valuable insights into market conditions and investment opportunities.

It is easier in Numbers

Tourists per Year In Punta Cana
More than Countries
% Return on investment
% up to capital gains per year
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More than a resort: a dream destination

Its artificial beaches, infinity pools and a spectacular Mediterranean-style promenade, together with a host of exclusive amenities to be discovered include leisure, sports, culture and health.

And all this just minutes from the airport and the main beaches, in a privileged environment, 100 meters above sea level and with dream views of Punta Cana and the Caribbean.





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The unique Smart City in Punta Cana

Larimar City & Resort is a unique smart city in Punta Cana. An urban concept that promotes sustainable and efficient development in all areas.

An innovative model with great environmental benefits such as the reduction of energy costs or the optimization of water resources. All this, thanks to the use of new technologies such as AI, Big Data & IoT (Internet of Things).

Larimar, synonymous with sustainability and wellbeing

Larimar City & Resort will also be a benchmark city in terms of sustainability, respecting the environment and connecting people with nature.

Its landscaped areas, paths and sports lanes will facilitate mobility on foot or by bicycle, thus connecting its inhabitants with a unique natural space.

A sustainable city concept that will also include renewable energy, water reuse and water conservation in order to optimize resources to the maximum.

Larimar City & Resort

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Punta Cana and Larimar. The perfect destination for your Real Estate Investment.

An enviable climate, quality of life, tourist destination par excellence and tax incentives for investors make Punta Cana an unparalleled destination for real estate investment.

Whether as a vacation destination, second home or permanent residence, Larimar City & Resort offers everything you are looking for in one place.

An attractive investment product with estimated returns of over 10% per year.

Be the first to enjoy this exclusive destination.

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